0effort.app for your Video Exposure

0effort.app will not only convert your audio to a dynamic and engaging video, it will actively apply cutting-edge Natural-Language-Processing Tech to understand what your episode is actually about. The app will crawl the internet and find contextually realted, high quality & license-approved videos and embed them into your video.

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Features for 2022

Down the Development Roadmap, in an minimalistic Web User Interface your will be able to add visual Add-Ons to your videos.

Speech Faker

Match your podcast words with word from other videos (like politicians or journalists talking) and embed them

Online Video Editor with rich set of AI Tools


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Feature 01 Feature 01

2d/3d avatars that move and talk whenever you talk


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Overlays, Branding

apply images and videos on top of your video like your logo, news ticket, stock price ticket, ads, you name it

Feature 03 Feature 03

Customize Audiowaves

(back to the roots huh?)

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